Fall 2021 Auditions

Audition Schedule

Wednesday, September 22 7:30 to 9:30pmRAWLS 1057
Thursday, September 23 7:30 to 9:30pmRAWLS 1057

Auditions FAQ

Nope! This is something we did last year to track numbers due to covid. Just show up to one of the audition slots in person, simple as that!
Nope! We have multiple members with no background in improv or theater whatsoever.
We will teach the 3 basic rules of improv at the beginning of each audition, but they are as follows:
1. Say "Yes, and" - Always accept other people's ideas and add onto them
2. No denials - Saying "No" can bring any good scene to a halt
3. No questions - Asking questions puts the pressure on your scene partner to come up with an answer
Most auditions start with simple group games and activities to loosen everyone up. Then we will move into doing scene games where you will do improv and act with other people who are auditioning as well as member of The Crazy Monkeys themselves
Nope! No need to prepare anything. All we ask is that you bring lots of energy!
While a quick wit is helpful, we mainly look for people who can learn quickly, bring good ideas to scenes, and work well with their scene partners. Improv is very "team oriented"
Yes! And we encourage it. Your previous auditions will have no effect on on future ones.
Email us at thecrazymonkeyscomedy@gmail.com